eBay confirms an increase in its sales through mobile devices

eBay confirms an increase in its sales through mobile devices

eBay, one of the websites for the auction of products over the Internet has confirmed an increasing trend that seems to reflect the rapid growth of e-commerce and mobile purchases.

Although the data correspond to eBay in the United Kingdom, they are still interesting. And is that every second, a product is sold through its mobile platform in this country, which represents more than 10% of all purchases made in this portal.

The United Kingdom continues to experience a steady growth in the number of users of mobile phones and devices. More than a quarter of adults and almost half of teenagers carry a smartphone or smartphone, and a large majority of them (81%) keeps their devices operating throughout the day and night.

eBay highlights the maturity of this market by pointing to the United Kingdom as the European country where most transactions and purchases are made through this type of device. However, although without reaching the sales generated in this country, other countries of the European Union are experiencing great growth in this regard.

As for the different profiles of the ‘mobile buyers’, men were in a greater proportion and almost double that in the case of women, who bought through eBay with their mobile devices.

In addition, for this type of buyers it seems that prices were one of the least relevant factors since, in general, they used their phones to purchase high-end products. In this sense, eBay gives as an example the recent acquisition of a Bentley Continental GTC car that was awarded for $ 78,000 and whose purchase last month was made through a mobile device.

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