Companies must park their sales to socialize

This expert in online reputation, attraction marketing and personal branding explains some keys to build a good image in social networks. This is what Del Santo assures in a recent interview for Webpositer pointing out that companies must evolve and stop being “mere sellers” to become “content creators and socializers”.

Óscar del Santo “Immersed in the presentation of his book Marketing of Attraction 2.0”, ensures that new entrepreneurs must be “scrupulously honest and not promise more than they can meet” to win the approval of their audience.

For Óscar del Santo, companies must evolve and stop being limited to being “mere advertisers or vendors” to become “socializers and generators / editors of optimized content aimed at their target audience”.

Brands and 2.0 companies have to launch ideas and concepts that provide real value to an increasingly demanding user. In fact, the communication would now be “bidirectional” in social networks but says without forgetting that it “always has to be combined with offline strategies that generate, in addition to sales, other opportunities”.

With this strategy it would be possible to achieve the main objective of attraction marketing: to draw users’ attention to the movements of a brand with which it would attract fans and followers who, through conversion mechanisms, could become customers. Likewise, this operation would allow the company to carve out its own image and acquire online notoriety, that is, enhance branding.

Among the advantages of 2.0 attraction marketing, this expert explains that it highlights the low cost of implementation compared to other strategies aimed at the same objectives. The sum of all these factors make this system very attractive to any company, brand or public or private organization, and especially to SMEs.

On the other hand, Del Santo recognizes that social networks do not allow a return of investment as quantifiable as that of an advertisement given that “we are dealing with intangible elements such as reputation”, although they contribute to generating trust and turning them into benchmarks in their sector .

Social networks and ROI: Myth or reality?

Just as the telephone, mail or e-mail were not created to increase sales but, well managed, they are important tools to contact the potential customer; Social networks are not sales platforms either.

However, like any platform that allows interacting with the client and with the advantages that the contact is direct, the social networks suppose “an undoubted advance and with consequences of first order for the marketing, the communication, the branding and the public relations of companies and brands, “says this expert in Online Communication.

Online Reputation Pro-active or Reactive

According to Óscar del Santo has informed Webpositer, both options should be applied depending on the status assumed by the company. “We always start with a pro-active online reputation” as a preventive measure and to achieve notoriety in the network, says this expert, who adds that “once this is in place, we have to ensure the defense of our reputation with strategies reactive ». In this sense, it recommends companies to look for a professional Community Manager and an effective monitoring tool to achieve the desired effects in online reputation, preventive and reactive.

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