Web Analytics, a great tool to detect the shortcomings of an online business and increase its profitability

Web Analytics, a great tool to detect the shortcomings of an online business and increase its profitability

The expert Gemma Muñoz, perhaps the highest authority in Web Analytics and Metrics, has become the oracle that many companies use to optimize their results. Their analysis manages to prioritize objectives and measure results according to the behavior of the consumer and the competition, thus discover if a business strategy is working or the course of the precious “Online Commerce Route” should be corrected. In fact, many marketing plans and budgets find in their guidelines the best coordinates to navigate the Internet increasing their online performance.

In a recent interview for the Webpositer Agency, Gemma Muñoz reveals the keys to a good strategy in digital analytic, which allows companies to transform the cost of the online channel into a profitable and optimized investment.

For the finalist Awards for Excellence 2011, from the United States, digital analytics is based on four main pillars: the user (origin, page views, content observed, period of permanence and places, etc.), web content (study of design, usability, calls to action, entry pages …), marketing (to determine where the budget is being invested, what recruitment strategies are used, what works and where money is lost, how to invest it, etc.); and, finally, the competition, which is what allows us to contextualize the three initial pillars and discover to what extent our company operates within its sector. In this sense, recognizing niche markets and interpreting them for each e-commerce is the specialty of a professional who confesses to still feel “surprised” of the possibilities offered by web analytics. “I live and work with my eyes wide open because this changes every day,” he explains.

Common mistakes during web analysis

The author of “The Art of Measuring” and “Marketing Metrics” ensures that the errors detected by an analysis of the digital data are “all the deficiencies that the online business has: bad recruitment strategy, bad communication with the user, misplaced information, undefined business objectives … – It’s that simple.”

Starting from the maxim that analytics is a business tool, Muñoz asserts that “everything that has to do with not making a profit out of that business is a deficiency in the way things are done”. In this sense, the director of the first Master in Web Analytics, indicates that among the most common errors are in:

  • The bad definition of KPIs: due to “a poor establishment of objectives, we need experience in this point, a bad choice of KPIs will make futile the analysis work,” he says.
  • The decontextualization of the results: The expert points out that “another very remarkable error is the lack of context when interpreting results, you can not make decisions or make recommendations without being clear about everything that happens around that in which we are focusing on an analysis.”

To avoid these and other initial errors, Gemma Muñoz recommends listening to each client, who is the one who really knows their business to join forces because only in this way is it possible to get the definition of the business objectives for our subsequent analysis work.

“Even if it’s from the same sector as another client, you have to keep in mind that they do not have the same objectives, the same way of doing things, the same means … so you have to design a new strategy every time, you have to explore what it has happened until that moment to find a starting point that allows us to start working together and achieve a high performance website.The important thing is to know what has happened and why, to be clear about where we have to start moving the file”, explains the expert.

Increase visibility and conversion

The author and teacher believes that to improve the visibility and conversion of a website based on its traffic, it is essential to know the starting level and establish the objective to be achieved in order to extract the analysis data and establish effective strategies.

According to Gemma Muñoz, there are some indicators directly related to this subject, such as the number of visits, to assess the visibility of the site; the rate of rebound or rejection that the website produces, to establish the quality of the visits; and the conversion rate. However, Muñoz remembers that these data will not have a practical and real utility if they are not placed on a map that allows to get information of the type “we are increasing visits at the same time that the conversion rate goes down, so that visits what we are attracting are not quality”.

In this sense, one of the keys is to segment the data to determine the problem and recommend different strategies with which to increase, on the one hand, the visibility among our target audience and, on the other, the conversion thereof, optimizing the content and the navigation of the website.

SEO and web analyst: The union is strength!

The expert in Metrics and Digital Analysis considers that the combination of a good search engine positioning with an attractive offer on the web will be what will achieve success in the objectives. Therefore, “we must work hand in hand with those responsible for the positioning strategy so that, on the one hand, we reach the maximum number of visits (visibility) and, on the other hand, these visits are of the highest quality (conversion). This task is shared by SEOs and analysts, which is useful for any of the other recruitment techniques, including Social Networks. ”

Infographics, a rising value

Asked about the importance of Videomarketing for the process of attraction and conversion of customers, Gemma Muñoz has recognized that among users there is a tendency to read less and be guided more by the visual, extreme that is appreciated especially in the rise of interest that are generating the infographics.

For the expert, and based on her experience, an alternative to the text can be a video that efficiently explains the message of the company, although its power of conversion, affects, will depend on the quality of the video, its location and the way in which it is dynamic. As he specifies, “the important thing about having a video is to know how it is working and if it helps to meet business objectives, so, what I do say with complete certainty is that if you analyze the performance of the video, you can increase your effectiveness to achieve that the content and the location of the same arrive at their objective of the fastest possible way “.

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