The Importance of YouTube for Businesses

The Importance of YouTube for Businesses

Not long ago companies have realized the importance of videomarketing, although not all are aware yet. The inclusion of a video in the strategy of the marketing plan prompts entrepreneurs to ask themselves, among others, these questions: More cost? Is it 
necessary to know videos? … Venturing to new expectations is always  positive.

Interesting facts about the YouTube social network  :

  • It receives more than  800 million unique visitors  per  month. Have you ever wondered what this means? 
  • Each minute  uploads 72 hours of video to the Internet. More than a decade of daily content!
  • Every day millions of people see  videoclips, announcements, tutorials and presentations.  We live in a world where you see  200 billion videos online per month
  • 4 billion  hours of video  are viewed  monthly. Over 450,000 years of video watched per month!
  • Millions of subscriptions  are produced  daily. Through the subscriptions you can connect with other professionals, clients or with whom you are most interested.
  • 25%  of the world’s video plays on  mobile devices.
  • More than  400 million mobile devices  have YouTube.
  • More than 1 billion views on mobile phones take place on YouTube every day.

(YouTube Source)

Is it true that reading these data makes us think that maybe we should  integrate the videos into our business strategy ?

 Advantages of using videos in the company:

  1. The  videos  help us to position ourselves at the SEO  level  and quickly.
  2. The  video content  will make  highlights  and you  differences  competition.
  3. The fact that you hang videos on your  company website, or the  blog  means that  users will stay longer  in it.
  4. The  messages  transmitted by the videos are  more direct and clear.
  5. By introducing videos into your strategy you will have the possibility to target  other types of audience  that you have not reached through your content. It also increases engagement.
  6. It is  more comfortable and quick to  watch a video than to read a text, it is also easier to remember something you have seen, than something you have read.
  7. Videos  are shared more  than written content.
  8. The production costs have fallen dramatically due to new technologies. Making a business video is very affordable.

 How to use YouTube in your company?

  •  Think about your demographic target. The  88% of users between 18 and 34 regularly watch videos.
  • Choose the  type of video  you want to create: your company presentation, customer testimonials, product demonstrations, case studies, commercial videos or a blog entry and be original allowing your personality to be projected in videos so that you believe more interest.
  • It is imperative that  you listen to your audience  every time you post a video. The comments they make are very useful when creating the next video. Do not forget to always add a call to action.
  • You have to  capture the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds, so you have to be clear and go straight to the message you want to convey.
  • In videomarketing it works very well to  tell a story  (anecdote, employees, customers, etc) linked to the message and if possible  with a touch of humor.
  • Do not forget to use the  keywords  in the  title  and  description  of the video, reviewing your strategy.
  • Distribute it in the social networks  where the company is active and of course hangs the video on your website and creates a channel on YouTube in addition to creating a post and hang it also on the blog along with the video.

And you? What do you think about videomarketing? You have experience?

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