The 6 key points for the success of a community of online shoppers

How to create a community of online buyers and build loyalty? David Tomás, general manager of Cyberclick, and Antonio Alcántara, founder of, have the answer. Together they have applied a digital marketing strategy that has made possible that, in less than two years, has been among the first four companies in the private online sales sector, tripling its turnover and achieving 1.7 million unique monthly users.

The fundamental keys to achieve this success case are based on six points:

1. The importance of landing pages . It is essential to refer users to landing pages, instead of sending them to a generic page. Therefore, it is essential to work and optimize these pages according to the type of action, that is, to show a different landing page, depending on the target to which the action is directed.

2. Constant updating of the creatives of the ads and landing pages. A visual impact, adapted to the target, can be very persuasive, being able to generate multiple emotions that provoke the curiosity of the user. For this reason it is very important that creativity is updated adapting to the needs of the product and the target audience.

3. The advertising campaigns in search marketing offer a very high conversion . Search engine shares have the advantage that they are aimed at users who are already searching, so it is much more likely to get results.

4. The system of coregistros is a fast and effective way to increase the database ofthe client. This strategy, which has worked very well with Ofertix, provides the user with a high level of comfort regarding the registration process, saving him several steps, and for this reason he usually offers good results. However, the subsequent phase of co-registration requires an effort since users must be filtered according to the profile in order to adequately focus on e-mail marketing actions.

5. Measuring each of the origins of the records is very important to achieve a good conversion . For example, in the case of Ofertix we have worked with more than 300 different origins, but only those that offered the greatest conversion to clients have been strengthened.

6. The creation of landing pages for mobile marketing has been a success. Cyberclick and Ofertix have been pioneers in the mobile marketing sector generating new users through this medium, still a little unknown to some but offering some good results.

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