Knowledge in online becomes an obligation for Marketing professionals

The impact of technological development on companies and its consequences in the Human Resources sector have been one of the topics discussed yesterday during OMExpo, in the framework of an interesting round table, organized by the Institute of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing (ICEMD) ). José Antonio Ortega, Responsible for Marketing, Communication and Web of Michael Page International, leader in specialized selection of middle managers and managers, has contributed his point of view as an expert in the Human Resources sector, in this debate about the new challenges in the management of the talent of the companies, the current and future professional profiles and the emerging disciplines with the arrival of the digitalization.

The Director General and Academician of ICEMD Enrique Benayas, moderated this table, in which also participated illustrious professionals of the sector such as Jorge Lucio Sánchez Galán, Chief of Optimal Telephone of Spain, Jesús Hernández, Managing Director of Publixed Media – YOC Mobile Marketing, Elena Alfaro, Marketing PhD, partner of Emo Insights and Sergio Maldonado, Managing Director of MV Consultoría.

The emergence of new disciplines and professional profiles, as well as the requirement of knowledge in technology and online communication for traditional profiles, has been highlighted as a key consequence throughout the debate.

José Antonio Ortega, Responsible for Marketing, Communication and Web of Michael Page International, has contributed his point of view as a selection specialist, explaining how there is currently a higher demand for professionals for this type of discipline, especially for the positions of Responsible for Online Marketing, Responsible for e-commerce and Community Manager. In addition, according to the expert of Michael Page, right now every marketing profile needs to have specific knowledge of online marketing, being able to be excluded easily from a selection process if it does not provide this know-how.

As for wages, there is a lot of difference according to the experience and the type of company. In the case of the Community Manager, the job market requires newly graduates who have just entered the labor market and earn a salary of around € 18,000, up to the most senior profiles who get paid up to € 40 / 50,000 gross in a multinational.

José Antonio, also highlighted the importance of companies adapting to the new market, betting on digitalization: “In Michael Page we use all the tools at our disposal to improve our selection processes and also be closer to our candidates: we have a group on LinkedIn, we have a Twitter account and we have also created an employment blog, to discuss issues in the sector. ”

New disciplines, new professionals

Other topics discussed during the talk were the concept of “Customer Experience” or “Customer Experience”, which represents a basic pillar in the digitalization of services. Jorge Lucio Sánchez Galán, Head of Optima Telefónica de España, emphasized this by explaining how the client’s relationship has improved and has gone from “being working for the client or that the client works for us to be part of the client”. Elena Alfaro, Marketing Ph.D of Emo Insights, also explained how, thanks to better knowledge, the relationship with the customer can be improved and how this can increase sales.

All this leads to the need for continuous training for all Marketing professionals, a sector in which development and technological innovation are becoming faster and it is essential to adapt to not be outside the labor market.

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