How to start managing our Online Reputation

A simple but effective start to online reputation management could involve tracking brand names, website or personal names. We can monitor mentions on Google, Yahoo and Twitter. These three reference sites will allow us to get a good idea of ​​what is spoken about our brand, tone, and related trends.

What if nobody says anything about you? This is an indicator that you are not active in the online community. The silence is only slightly better than the bad comments about our brand. Some might say that they better speak badly of us, but speak … .this in the online world is not fully effective.

Participate in Online Communities

Get involved in online communities that your customers are involved with. These communities could revolve around specific product segments, or about purchases in general. These may even be review sites. Show that you care, and people will respond.

Write a blog

If you can write frequently and respond to comments, blogs can be an interesting method to join the conversation. Increasing number of business websites and e-commerce websites incorporate a blog, allowing quality content related to your brand and its products.

Use social media in your favor

Social Ecommerce is more than just a buzz word. Of course, you must have your brand with presence on Facebook and Twitter, probably also a hash code promoted repeatedly on Twitter. But just creating accounts is not enough. You should actively participate in conversations with customers and other visitors on those platforms.

Keep in mind that online communication tends to be rather “direct” and “frank”. As a result, I do not think it’s the end of the world if someone shouts insults about your experience with you. Given the anonymous nature of online communication, such experiences are common and will not immediately make you dent your reputation. Of course, if there is a negative feeling held around your brand, it could prove fatal.

Encourage Comments

It is important to encourage customers to review their products. User opinions can significantly influence purchase decisions. These reviews should sound authentic, because most people are smart enough to detect a false opinion. An inauthentic review is actually a quick way to ruin your reputation.
Managing reputation online is not easy, but acts as a kind of insurance. When your competitor goes ahead, or when Google does not want your website, your reputation will be the one that drives your brand strongly.

You must implement an ORM strategy now, and allocate time for it regularly. If you have the resources, hire a dedicated worker or professional ORM service provider.

Learn to be educated and professional. Never yell or use bad words. Never retaliate. Stay calm and be objective. Do what is right and, when you can, be generous too. Generosity creates good will.

You should keep your ear alert and respond quickly when necessary.

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