Content Curation: The infallible recipe for a good plate of contents

Content Curation: The infallible recipe for a good plate of contents

According to Erick Schmidt, CEO of Google, every two days more content is generated than in the whole civilization had been created until 2003. There is such a proliferation of information in such a short time that it is totally impossible to assimilate by users. 

If we take into account that 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute, in one day 1,400,000 posts are published in blogs and 140 million tweets are sent; or that every hour 2.3 million posts are published on Tumblr, it would be a crime for this large volume of information to fall into oblivion. Content curation is an alternative used lately by marketing professionals to get all the juice, classifying and providing a renewed value.

Marching one of content curation

The curing of contents has been conceived to give a second opportunity to this material, in order to increase its useful life. It is based on the extraction of the main data, classifying them around a main topic, giving it an approach of special relevance for the users. In addition, this practice has certain advantages in terms of the content strategy of your company:

Strengthen your content strategy, enriched with external sources of quality, which include data reworked and focused on a specific objective.

Increase the visibility of the brand, since you have in your hands the possibility of providing interesting news and establish yourself as a reference source, specialized in this type of resources; thus giving the brand a significant degree of notoriety.

Get more impact on social networks. This type of information is the ideal to share among your community, since it meets the parameters of relevance and quality.

Take advantage from the point of view of SEO, since it allows the company to continuously deliver fresh and high-level content, thus fulfilling one of the main requirements that Google demands today.

To do this, as a marketing professional accounts with more and more useful tools, ranging from social bookmarking, Delicious, StumpleUpon or Digg to content aggregators, which includes the entire family of RSS aggregators, cooking everything finally with applications content itself, including Storify, or The result is relevant and quality content, which offers a complete perspective on the subject, presented in a new format.

Are you a good chef of content curation? What is your specialty?

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