The value of opinions, more relevant than the own offers between consumers

The value of opinions, more relevant than the own offers between consumers

The information provided by our peers is our main source of trust. We take into account above all the comments and suggestions that disinterestedly give us these people of flesh and blood, like you and me, who have experienced in first person with the brand, who have tested the product and have decided to make public their experiences and impressions. Their opinion is worth more than a thousand announcements and promises that it is not possible to know if they will be fulfilled. 

70% of consumers worldwide rely on online reviews;for its part, only 47% gives credibility to conventional advertising; according to data provided by Nielsen, included in its Global Report on Confidence in Advertising, which involved more than 28,000 online respondents distributed in 56 countries.

As a result of this study, we also learned that the degree of credibility in online comments has increased by 15% in the last four years; every time the social media give a greater sample of seriousness and professionalism, reason why they encourage the users to participate and, therefore, its content is more credible. This trend has been detrimental to traditional media, which has meant that since 2009, television has lost 24% relevance for consumers, newspapers 20% and magazines 25%.

Undoubtedly, the contributions that weigh the most are those of our closest environment, 92% follow closely their family and friends advice, which has also been an increase of 18% since 2007.

In view is, we take into account the opinion of our fellow men, which influences us when trying a product. According to data provided by Booz & Company, in 2015 it is expected that social commerce will bring a profit of 30 billion dollars. Companies have to cultivate such positive comments in favor of their brand. The first step is to take care of online reputation, closely monitor the opinions and comments that are posted on the internet about the brand and have an appropriate strategy in social networks, which contributes quality content, in order to get the approval of users and mitigate the effect of possible negative outcomes. It is important to encourage satisfied customers to share their experience, and work to reinforce those positive values.

Do customers trust your brand? How do you get them to recommend you?

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