The crusade of small businesses and the reasons to be present in the network

Currently 47 percent of small business owners and companies are not yet using or taking advantage of the potential of social media, as they say, they do not feel that they can be important for your business.

This percentage may seem contradictory and even difficult to assimilate in the middle of the social media era, but even though a large number of companies are doing this job extraordinarily well, there are still many small businesses that have not taken the final step in this’ adventure Social’.

And not only that, we can count thousands of businesses that do not even have a presence on the network through a corporate website. And we are not referring to an electronic version of the brochure with which you have been working for the past few years, but rather a site specially designed and designed to inform, participate, retain or convert your visitors into new customers.

At this point these small companies should increase and deposit their confidence taking advantage of these benefits with the creation of a website for your business and experiment without fear participating in the media and social networks. But above all, companies should be aware of the main reasons why it is so important to maintain a presence on the network and social media.

The first of these reasons is the simple and important fact of ceasing to be invisible and have a presence in the network as a reference and place of information to those who try to find or find our business through the Internet.

Many traders may continue in their efforts to think that this is not really an urgent need for their business, but the truth is that it is. More when both the search engines and social media begin to attach great importance to local businesses where ‘there is no small business’.

However, the vast majority of these small businesses are unaware in many cases the aspects that influence or can be decisive in the awareness and creation of the brand itself. And we do not talk about turning a small business into a classic in the industry, but trying to build the reputation of our own company, and how it can be perceived by other people or potential customers.

In this sense, small businesses are aware of the power of traditional word of mouth. A process that can be replicated in the digital environment through the recommendations and opinions of users of social networks, but … without a presence on the network, these businesses are losing great opportunities and above all, coming out in their own defense against the most critical and negative opinions.

We return to the initial point where the presence on the internet through an updated website becomes the best resource to publicize our business gaining visibility, and a powerful sales tool that will also allow us to respond to customer inquiries, offer them the information they need and generate a higher level of trust and fidelity.

In addition, from this starting point, small businesses can start to exploit other marketing strategies that do not require large investments. Among them, the creation of mailing lists that allow customer loyalty and the distribution through this medium of all types of information, products, offers and news.

These are just some of the most important reasons for small business owners to understand the importance of online presence. Now tell me Mr. merchant one reason only to not have it ….

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