Mobile purchases drive retail growth

Mobile purchases drive retail growth

Due to its rapid growth, mobiles are becoming more widespread in all aspects of our lives, including online shopping.

In this context, mobile content linked to services such as travel, dinners and movies, are constantly evolving and are increasingly used by local consumers. This year, in those categories, according to comScore data, an increase of 95% was experienced compared to 2010, or what would be the same, 21.2 million mobile users.

Of these, 17% would access mobile sales sites almost daily, 28% at least once a week and 55% reported accessing between one and three times a month.

When asked about the main mobile activity they were doing, 33% answered that they were finding a store, 21% compared product prices and 20% looked for coupons or promotions.

A related study by HipCricket followed a similar pattern but with greater participation, finding that about half of respondents used the mobile website to research prices among retailers and more than a third had looked for coupons and promotions.

Retailers must not only be prepared to provide the content that mobile search engines need, but they must also be on the platforms they use. According to comScore, Smartphones users generally use browsers more than apps (48% vs. 26%), but iPhone users are the most likely to use applications in front of the browser (36% vs. 40%) . To have a greater reach, retailers should be cautious and offer both access modes.

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