Mobile advertising increases and companies are still demanding more

The mobile advertising market is on fire, with advertisers and publishers not taking their eyes off it. With each passing day, the publishers are putting more spaces in the market before a growing demand is taking place.

According to the study carried out in the USA. for the PaperG platform, specializing in local digital advertising, in the next three months about 86% of publishers are going to put mobile advertising spaces on the market. This percentage is only 10 points below the publishers who will offer digital advertising spaces (94.3%).

The interest of potential buyers of mobile space is quite high. About 95 of the space sellers / ads recognize that their customers are very interested in this type of products.

Asked what would help them sell more digital advertising, about two-thirds (68.6%) of respondents mentioned that better training and awareness of the value of digital advertising would be very valuable. 54.4% acknowledged that better reporting on the effectiveness of digital advertising would be equally useful. The price does not seem to be an element to consider at this moment, because only 25.7% suggested it.

Yet despite being unsure and lacking good information about the effectiveness of digital advertising, brands are increasingly investing in digital advertising, especially mobile. The eMarketer consultancy has estimated that advertisers will invest $ 2.6 billion this year in mobile digital advertising in the US, 80% above the 2011 figures. Of those figures, 1, 1 billion correspond to ad display, slightly above the market for mobile search ads.

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