It’s the cross media, stupid!

It’s the cross media, stupid!

At the moment in which the supply surpassed the demand, the human being needed techniques to make his products known. When these techniques were conceptualized and became a method, marketing was born.

Traditionally, marketing has used different means to convey its message: insertions in the newspaper, the radio wedge, the TV spot, the letter, the promotions of the supermarket, etc. This is called traditional marketing.

This way of attracting the customer to the purchase has been improved and improved with techniques such as the collection of databases of potential customers, call centers, event sponsorships, new formats such as product placement and other advertising actions.

Over the last decade, a phenomenon of great complexity has developed: digital marketing. This has led to the introduction of a number of brand new elements for businesses, such as dot com pages, CRM tools, mass mailing, premium URLs, SEO, SEM, custom SMS Turning 20), blogging and, finally, Social Media Marketing.

This brought with it the creation of company pages on Facebook, the opening of new profiles on Twitter, the recruitment of young people through Tuenti and even He started talking about micro-segmentation.

Some of the mistakes of companies and some marketing agencies has been to ask for and offer commodities such as SEM campaigns (CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, etc.) forgetting the SEO part, Social Media campaigns without taking into account The traditional marketing strategy or the inserts that were going to be realized in the traditional means, or even specific campaigns of Marketing Online without taking into account the Plan of Marketing of the company.

Major marketing gurus have announced that next year will be “The Year of Brandend Content” or content marketing. Now the echoes from the other side of the Atlantic are being heard, talking about Mobile Marketing, NFC, RFID, reaching the consumer directly from your pocket and facilitating the payment system through “Digital Wallet” (PayPal and Google Are really advanced with this). This can become another new boom, the “Mobile Marketing”.

Marketing should not be understood as a commodity, that is, as tactics or actions that are carried out without a comprehensive strategy. The objective of marketing is to adapt the resources of the company to facilitate a greater capture of customers and this has nothing to do with new advertising booms.

Digital agencies have broken with all of the above and prefer not to share budgets with the old advertising formats. At the same time, customers have been seduced by that of “followers”, Facebook fans and “repins”.

A good marketing campaign is the one that strikes the balance between traditional marketing techniques and Online Marketing communication methods to create a Marketing Mix or Crossmedia strategy.

Just as television did not mean the destruction of the radio or the newspaper, Digital Marketing does not mean a destruction of Direct Marketing through traditional channels, but a perfect complement to creating crossmedia campaigns.

The crossmedia is far from being a commodity product, since it does not sell only SEO, it does not sell SEM nor inserts in newspapers. What you are selling are integral strategies tailored to each company with the objective of being able to respond intelligently to the eternal question of “how do I reach my clients”, and thus adapt the resources to get more sales.

The mix of traditional and online media will make the customer can be impacted by the message regardless of the medium in which it is. In order for the crossmedia strategy to be effective and the message consistent, it should not be forgotten that the message must be the same both online and offline; What changes is the medium and with it the way of transmitting that same message.

For this reason, a strategy that combines media depending on the needs of the company will be the one that achieves better results because it will reach a larger audience in a smarter way.

It’s time to rephrase the slogan used by Clinton in his election victory of 1992: It’s the crossmedia, stupid! This is the claim that will win the good strategies above the campaigns based on commodities.

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