Internet is positioned as the third means of advertising investment

Internet represents 11.64% of the total advertising investment, behind Television and Diaries.

Despite the fact that the current crisis has affected the advertising sector, unlike the traditional media that has experienced its biggest drops and losses in recent years, the Internet continues to grow with growth and increasing figures in relation to to its volume of advertising investment.

In this aspect highlight that it was precisely the digital newspapers that have best fought the times of crisis by raising their ad revenue up to 4.9 percent compared to the sharp drops of over 20% experienced by the rest of the media.

The media most affected by its decline in investment have been television and print newspapers with a loss of 23.1% and 22.1% of their advertising investment respectively.

The current situation places the Internet as the third medium in terms of advertising investment, with 654.1 million euros in revenue, thus managing to capture 11.64 percent of the total advertising pie.

Regarding the different advertising formats and modalities on the internet, it has been the sponsored links in search engines that have generated a greater investment, reaching 356.41 million euros (54.5% of the total digital media), with growth of 9.85% in relation to the year 2008. For its part, the graphic formats recorded an investment of 297.74 million euros, remaining flat with respect to the previous year (-0.35% of investment). The investment division in search and sponsored links did not change in 2009 compared to 2008, indicating an increasing confidence of advertisers in graphic formats.

Advertisers and sectors

The sectors of activity with the highest investment in interactive media marketing during 2009 were Transport, Travel and Tourism (14.26% of the total), Telecommunications (13.29%), Automotive (11.44%), Mass Media , Education and Culture (9.34%) and Finance (7.19%).

The main advertisers in Internet graphic formats corresponding to the sectors with the highest investment were Vueling, Vodafone, Peugeot, CEAC and ING.

Pricing models and formats

In relation to the pricing model used in advertising contracting of graphic formats, 65.7% of the budget was marketed under the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model, compared to 21.4% based on results. Other models (time, fixed positions …) accounted for 13% of the investment.

With respect to the graphic advertising formats used, Banners, buttons, stamps and skyscrapers accounted for 51.44% of the investment, Sponsorships or Fixed Sections 8.25%, while Email marketing reached 6.8% and Formats floating and deployable 4.9%.

In addition, 16% of revenues from integrated formats and floating and drop-down formats contained creatives in which rich formats or video were used.

Mobile Internet

The study has expanded the sections dedicated to advertising on Mobile Internet, so that 0.53% of the total investment in digital media in 2009 corresponded to this concept, with a total of 3.48 million euros. Investment in mobile advertising (advertising formats on the Internet) grew by 29% in the second half of 2009 compared to the first half of the year (1.52 to 1.96 million euros).

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