Innovation and knowledge among advertisers, agencies and media, keys to create campaigns with return on investment

Innovation and knowledge among advertisers, agencies and media, keys to create campaigns with return on investment

The third edition of the Advertising Commercial Forum, gathers in the Mapfre Auditorium of Madrid more than 330 representatives of media agencies, advertising commercials and marketing managers of some of the main advertisers to share their needs and acquire ideas to sell more publicity from the 17 expert speakers.

The meeting began with a presentation by Miguel García, CEO of Starcom, who spoke about the difference between Dispatch and Selling, from the point of view of advertising marketing: “The sale is a science that requires a lot of analysis and preparation.”

Subsequently, a selection of questions from the media was presented to José María Casero, President of Ymedia. Casero stressed that each support is a unique piece and must be sold in a certain way by researching unconventional formats and avoiding generic proposals because they can easily be discarded.

Then the advertisers table began, moderated by Juan Ramón Rodriguez, commercial director of El Economista, and in which Jaime Fernández, Director of Business Development of Grupo Bergé; Charo González Escudero, Media Director of Movistar and Felipe Martín, responsible for Marketing and Advertising of Banesto, expressed their needs. For Fernandez, it is necessary “to define a strategy that differentiates the product (the medium) providing added value”. Escudero stressed above all that with the rise in television prices and new legislation, advertisers rethink the media mix and media concentrations do not always facilitate this new need for advertisers. Martín spoke about how the attitude of the commercials must be:

After a brief breakfast break, the table on moderate planning began with the Yahoo! director of sales. Teba Lorenzo. Carlos Dominguez, Client Services Director of Maxus CICM highlighted the role of media agencies that “planners are no longer mere intermediaries and we are much more involved in the advertiser’s business.” Caty Sánchez, Director of Customer Services MPG, commented that “in each proposal we have to put the maximum of innovation to reach the consumer, which is increasingly complex.” The table ended with the intervention of Rosa Burgos, Commercial Director of OMD, who thought that the tactics of the planners should arrive in a timely manner, but also relevant.

Antonio Buades de Armenteras, Commercial Director of Unión Radio, spoke about the integration of online communication in offline proposals. “From the financial point of view, the off and the on should go together,” he said, although he also acknowledged that the lack of innovation is probably one of the evils of the radio.

After his intervention, the results of the survey made to media agencies and advertisers were exposed, and awards were given to the best advertising companies, according to the survey. Carmen Novo, President AAM and General Director of Maxus CICM, and Reinaldo Argüelles, General Director of AMPE delivered these awards to A3 Advertising and Editorial Unit in the category of online / offline media integration, Publiespaña in the Television category, Chain BE in Radio, Discine and Yelmo Cinemas in the category of Cinema, Adconion in the Internet, JC Decaux as the best commercialiser of outdoor advertising, Interdeco in the category of Magazines and The World in Daily Press.

After a break for lunch, the Forum resumed with the interventions of Jaime Lobera, Marketing Director of Campofrío and Pablo Colonese, Executive Creative Director of McCann who spoke about the integration of strategies of advertiser brands in the media. . Through the example of the “Blue Helmets” campaign, they explained that in order to achieve unique and unrepeatable ideas, one must know the DNA of the product or brand.

Afterwards, the negotiation table was held. Luis Asenjo, Director of Negotiation of Havas Media Spain; Enrique Sacristán, Purchasing Director of Vivaki Iberia and Beltrán Seoane, CEO of Magna Global, debated under the moderation of Noemí Boza, editor and member of the Board of Directors of Coneqtia, about what is required of the media, for invest in advertising in them. Asenjo stressed that “the fundamental thing is to work with alternatives because there are infinite combinations of proposals to reach the goal”, for Sacristán the most important thing is also the personalization “the commercial proposals come to us in standardized packages. It is difficult to adapt to the target and they are based on volume, not effectiveness. ” Seoane, however,

Leo Farache, Managing Director of More Quota and the Advertising Commercial Forum, closed the day by thanking all the speakers for the sincerity of their interventions and the attendees for their presence and high participation in the Forum.

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