Bubbles 2.0, How to avoid past mistakes?

Bubbles 2.0, How to avoid past mistakes?

It was the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s when many brands launched into the adventure of online business. The specialists in charge of the analyzes predicted a splendid future for the “dot com” due to the great projections in terms of growth and expansion.

An old story without a doubt that puts us in a crisis, the famous “dot com crisis” that left many damaged brands on the way and that supposed – like every crisis – a turning point in both the learning for the future, as in the awareness of reality.

The reason why the “dot com crisis” broke out is well known, ambition, lack of commitment, absence of speculation formation and objectives based on premature enrichment, endowed the operation with a high level of risk that ended up explode in the hands of brands that saw a new El Dorado in this way to earn money.

Will history help us to call the attention of brands in the new advertising and marketing model that is imposed after the emergence of social networks?

It is expected that brands that decide to launch campaigns through the Web, be aware that errors are paid and that bets must be studied, specifically and mainly committed if you want to avoid walking on a path that already He knows where he is going.

Facebook, would a new bubble be possible?

Analyzing the success of the social network that has more than 10% of the global population subscribed and taking into account that the current value of the social network -according to experts- would exceed 50 billion dollars, would it be possible for Facebook Would he be blinded by success and not be able to distinguish between real consumption habits and fashions or passing trends? and, if so, what could be done now to avoid falling into mistakes of the past?

There are substantial differences between the evolution of the social network and the aspects that led to the dot-com crisis, since with the projections that place Facebook in the stock markets during this 2011, Pandora’s box is opened; Is it really worth what the social network reports? … if Facebook’s behavior in the markets is not what is expected, would the industry be able to save itself from a new crisis?

Although this reflection seems only a hypothesis, it is important to keep in mind that all the money that is lent has to be returned and Facebook is an example that is perfectly included in this category, let’s think that in Latin America, where Internet investments have only increased At some point, they will require the capital back, at which point it will be necessary to analyze how real the power and specific weight of the companies that have been financing the new model is.

We live in the moment of Internet splendor, the rapidity and vertiginosity with which the growth and effectiveness demonstrated by the platforms in the field of the consolidation of branding and online reputation has seemed to have blinded those who analyze the underlying economic aspect in the new model. It is therefore important not to lose sight of the variables that led to the crisis of the com dot remembering, that only avoiding ambition, speculation and impunity and acting in pursuit of the interests of the group – understood as societies united by interests and needs joint- will be able to overcome the obstacle of the risk that accompanies 2.0 societies at the present time.

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