Advertisers only spend 8 percent of their budget on the internet and digital media

Advertisers only spend 8 percent of their budget on the internet and digital media

Consumers spend more time surfing the Internet to the point that 38 percent of media time is spent on the Internet, however, advertisers only spend 8 percent of their budget on digital media , according to the ‘Nothing But Net’ study by JP Morgan.

Thus, the work, which has been accessed by Europa Press, establishes that consumers spend 8 percent of the time spent on media reading printed newspapers, almost five times less than on the Internet.¬†However, advertising spending in newspapers represents 20 percent of advertisers’ budgets, more than double the amount spent on the Internet.

In fact, newspapers and the Internet are the media where the gap between time spent and advertising investment is most noticeable, along with the radio. Consumers devote 19 percent of their time to this medium, while advertisers spend nine percent of their budget on radio.

The case of television and magazines is more adjusted.¬†Consumers spend 37 percent and 7 percent of their time on television and magazines, while advertising spend is 32 percent and 6 percent of advertisers’ budget, respectively.

The work predicts an increase of the Internet advertising market of 11 percent before 2011, and indicates that advertisers who bet on this medium will benefit from an increase in audience, since the supply of content on the Internet is growing in recent years. years.

Likewise, the JP Morgan study points out that the Internet advertising market is becoming more competitive with the latest business movements of large companies such as Google, Yahoo !, AOL or Microsoft and that “the key to success” in this market is the “differentiation”, since advertisers will start paying not for having more audience but for the attention of “specific users” for their ads.

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