Offering Wi-Fi in Retail Catering: Some Compelling Arguments

Consumers can now pay for everything from their morning coffee to the work commute using their mobile devices. They expect to be online all the time and have begun to consider Wi-Fi a standard service.

Offering Wi-Fi in Retail Catering

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With more than two-thirds of the UK population predicted to own a smartphone by the end of 2017, Wi-Fi is changing traditional retail catering.

Meeting Customer Expectations

In fact, according to companies like food machinery auctioneers Clarke Fussells, offering in-store Wi-Fi could be key to transforming the market.

The company, which auctions surplus equipment for the catering and food sector, have themselves used the Internet to offer clients added value. food machinery auctioneers and similar sites offer bidders the chance to look up and make bid registrations online.

Evolving Practises

Freelancers and small business owners now use cafes and restaurants both as a place to work and a venue for meetings. Even when work isn’t priority, customers want to check social media accounts and send messages without biting into data allowances – but offering Wi-Fi isn’t only about enhanced customer service. One recent study suggests that small retail businesses are benefitting from a return on investment.

Impacting Your Bottom Line

Increased foot traffic, improved customer loyalty, and a positive difference in time and money spent in an establishment are among the proven benefits of offering Wi-Fi.

According to Colin Shaw, a leading customer experience consultant, reducing your customer defection rate by as little as 5 per cent can increase profits by as much as 95 per cent.

Part of a Well-Planned Marketing Strategy

Potential customers seek out Wi-Fi hotspots when choosing where to eat and an increasing number say that it’s important to the dining experience. Your Wi-Fi service gives you the opportunity to collect client data for marketing analytics and offer discount and partner promotions.

You can also direct users to your website or encourage them to “like” your social media pages. An added bonus is that customers are likely to share your venue with their own followers. Facebook’s ability to “check-in” and the popularity of social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram means you could gain free advertising, courtesy of your customers.

Ensure your Wi-Fi is fast and reliable, however. Slow loading and frustrating connectivity issues could lead to damaging online reviews.

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