Are Reviews Good or Bad for Your SEO?

Increasingly, corporate reputation is a powerful driver of organic search. The best-case scenario will see your company listed correctly in all of the major business directories, with plenty of good online product reviews and mentions on local and national news sources that are relevant to the target market. Get this right, and you’ll be doing better than the majority of the competition – especially those who have minimal mentions in press or on social media and who receive poor reviews.

Are Reviews Good or Bad for Your SEO

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Of course, all businesses with an online presence have to contend with the odd bad review, and other firms will struggle will attract reviews at all, but with local SEO becoming a growing influence in search results, customer reviews are well worth your focus.

Influential Online Rankings

Remember that online reviews are highly influential for your business and do more than just provide something nice to look at. Get enough of them and you’ll help to increase your local search engine rankings, with Google now displaying the top three most relevant business search results per query. Customer ratings are a key driver of this ranking, and when you get good reviews you’ll find yourself getting more clicks as you rank.

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Good Reviews Mean Good Business

Remember that good reviews will also translate into more business. They may be a subjective assessment of your credibility, but they are reliable from a customer perspective in terms of giving an honest assessment.

Google’s 2014 Pigeon update also means that the power and importance of reviews will continue to grow, with third-party directories such as Yelp now beginning to have greater influence themselves than actual search rankings. Google’s own three-pack local rankings mean that businesses will also be displayed with their customer rankings.

Considering the Right Platforms

Be mindful about platforms, as some will be more crucial to your business than others. For example, Google+ will naturally have more weight and the opportunity for that immediate visibility if you appear in the top three search results for your particular customer searches. Other key ones are YP, Foursquare, Citysearch and Yelp, and these may be syndicated to smaller sites.

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